Q-Race – Adjustable Width Cattle Race

Wonderful Asset

The Sheep & Goat Catcher has proven to be a wonderful asset, saving me and my assistant a great deal of back breaking work. It functions smoothly and quickly, holds the sheep securely, and they are surprisingly relaxed while upside down.

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Easier & Safer

“…We had an old ancient crush that was hopeless, so we Invested in a Q-Catch crush from Arrow…It’s safe for a one-man operation, when we are on our own and need to use it we can…Drenching (pour-on) is made easy, also injecting is safe and easy handling. In this day and age, farmers need to Read More

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Product Description

Product Code: Q-Race

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The Q-Race is a modular race system with adjustable width settings to prevent stock turning in the race and maintain single file, regardless of their size.
1. Fully adjustable width settings – not just a fixed V sided arrangement that reduces the tread area only
2. Adjustment from 750mm (adults) to 465mm (calves)
3. Fully modular design caters for straight or curved race designs
4. Concave shape of side panels ‘hugs’ animals securely
5. Side sheeting is folded to eliminates noise and increase strength
6. Accessible height design of side panels eliminates need for sidewalks

•     Keeps cattle single file
 enabling farmers to work with calves, weaners, cows and even bulls.
•     Both sides fully open for emergency exit if an animal goes down.
•     Sheeted to prevent leg injuries with open access at the top, making tasks like back-lining a breeze.

•     Fully adjustable width settings 
adjustment is made through spring-loaded latches on either side
•     Optional Anti Backing device is fully adjustable and keeps cattle moving forward.

•     Modular design 
 can suit straight or curved race plans, while the lug and pin system allows for easy set-up and is compatible with all other Arrow Farmquip cattle yard equipment
•     Saves you time and money when upgrading existing yard systems
•     Galvanised & painted options 100% Australian made using only first grade Australian galvanised steel – full manufacturer’s warranty

Download Q-Race Manual