The Real Deal – Why choose Australian made steel

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Your yard system is only as strong as the material it’s manufactured from. At Arrowquip we use only high tensile, Australian made galvanised steel, combined with quality workmanship ensures your investment delivers you optimum longevity and safety – The Real Deal.


Your Arrowquip cattle crush is manufactured from the ground up in the Tamworth based factory, using only first grade, high tensile, Australian galvanised steel.

When you see a Q-Catch crush painted in our high gloss green enamel you can be assured you are looking at a Triple Protection system that includes a 3 layer approach: 1. High tensile, Australian galvanised steel, 2. Super Etch Primer, 3. Gloss Enamel top coat all backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty – The Real Deal.



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